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Frequent asked questions

Rental accommodation

Gratteri Holiday has several housing solutions for short and long term stays. To make your choice easier, we have assembled a list of the questions we are frequently asked.

Yes. It is possible to reach the facilities by car.

Yes, it is possible to park close to the facilities. However, since there is no LTZ present, you can unload your luggage right in front of the facilities.

It is possible to collect the keys at the address of the booked facility upon notice in the arrival time.

Yes, it is possible to pay on arrival. However, if the reservation is confirmed by credit card, there is a possibility that pre-authorizations will be made with the intent to verify the card.

It is possible to pay by cash or card.

Yes, at the agency on 54 Corso Umberto I Street.

Yes, the water from the sink is drinkable.

For any problems and/or unexpected accident, contact us via phone. You can find our number within the contacts section.

Yes, it is possible to stay for mid-to-long stays, since in addition to the room with bathroom, we give the opportunity to rent apartments, equipped with all the material for long periods of stay.


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