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Gratteri holiday

Pantry Boxes

Our store invites you to dive personally in the world of the Sicilian cuisine: Gratteri Holiday cares about you and your needs, offering you the opportuniy to ask for a pantry box which you will find ready to use in your apartment. You will be able to choose among six options the one which best suits not just your needs, but the appropriate lenght of your stay. The pantry boxes come along with typical Sicilian recipes! In addition, whether you would like to go further within the typical Sicilian cuisine, we suggest you some amazing and dedicated cooking class.

Gratteri holiday

Restaurant Boxes

Our goal is to introduce foreigners to the quality that typical Sicilian products and recipes hold, but also to propose a food model that contrasts with that of fast-food and hectic life. That is why we have thought of restaurant packages, thanks to which you can sit at the table in the most traditional way!