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Delivery at home shopping: before the arrival

Delivery at home shopping

Whether it is for vacation, study or work, the most stressful part of being away from home is definitely arriving and finding the fridge and pantry empty. We are aware of how exhausting it is after the fatigue of a trip or a full day of work to have to think about a place where to eat or grocery shop.
We at Gratteri Holiday are perfectly aware about it, and that’s why we offer an online grocery shopping service with delivery at home. If you are a guest at our facilities, just let us know what you need and want by choosing one of our pantry-boxes: we will make you find everything already set up at your facility! Ordering is easy, just contact us a week before your arrival.

If, on the other hand, you are not staying in one of our facilities, you can still use our service; only the arrangements will change: you will have to take care of picking up the pantry-box at our agency.
For any further information about boxes and arrangements, visit the store section of our website.