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One day tour: the Castello of Federico II and the Abbazia di Santa Maria del Bosco



Departures and stops

Gratteri, Cefalù, Palermo


One day


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Through history and spirituality: the Castello of Federico II and the Abbazia di Santa Maria del Bosco

If you want to experience an unforgettable day surrounded by the history and beauty of Sicily, this one-day guided tour is for you. Amidst legends, sprituality and medieval fortresses, you will not fail to be enchanted and overwhelmed by the splendour of the most authentic Sicily.

Details about the program:

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The tour includes:

The tour begins at the majestic Castello of Federico II, a real casket of medieval treasures and secrets. Set in the town of Giuliana, it stands tall on the surrounding hills, where the famous monarch himself ordered its construction during the 13th century. Visitors can admire the castle’s mighty walls, imposing towers and majestic halls, discovering the history of the king stupor mundi and his court and letting themselves be carried away by the charm of past times. After visiting the castle, our journey into the Middle Ages continues with a refreshment break at the Relais Abbazia di Santa Maria del Bosco. The Abbey Relais, which is part of Contessa Entellina’s cultural heritage, is an ancient 12th-century Cistercian abbey overlooking the beautiful Belice Valley. Here you can enjoy the excellent local cuisine and admire the landscape, while enjoying the characteristic quietness of the ancient monasteries. The restaurant at the Abbey of Santa Maria del Bosco will offer you a unique culinary experience, based on traditional Sicilian cuisine and the quality of local products. The afternoon will be equally suggestive: you can enjoy the relaxation and tranquillity of one of the most charming places in Sicily, surrounded by the beauty and peace of the countryside. Here you can sip a coffee in the garden or take a walk among the centuries-old olive trees that surround the abbey, breathing in the fresh, fragrant air of this extraordinary land. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of these places, thanks to our one-day guided tour that will take you on a discovery of the most authentic Sicily.