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Case Ruggieri: Don Saverio Apartment

Case Ruggieri is a splendid facility located in the ancient neighbourhood of Castellana, whose name today is via Ruggieri after the famous family that lived there in the 19th century.
The building is divided into six apartments named after the various families that have owned it over the centuries.In fact, the ground floor is dedicated to Don Batolomeo Bell’homo, founder of Sant’Andrea Apostolo church. The first floor, instead, is dedicated to the Ruggieri family, while the second floor is dedicated to Misses Di Maio, the last owners of the bulding during the first part of 20th century.
Finally, at the top floor there is a marvellous and suggestive panoramic terrace, particularly enjoyable during the sunset, available for all the guests of the facility and already furnished with chairs and tables as to make your breakfasts and your aperitifs magic.

As peculiar as Gratteri, with beams left uncovered and walls with exposed stone sections, the Don Saverio Apartment is a convenient idea for your holiday or business stay.
Entirely air-conditioned and equipped with all the necessary in order to make you feel home even during your vacation, the apartment is divided into: cosy and spacious double bedroom provided with air-conditioner and radiator, modern equipped and air-conditioned kitchen, and finally a lovely and sophisticated bathroom with a wide shower stray, towels, hairdryer and wall radiator.