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Case Ruggieri Luxury: Don Pietro Apartment

Case Ruggieri is a splendid facility located in the ancient neighbourhood of Castellana, whose name today is via Ruggieri after the famous family that lived there in the 19th century.
The building is divided into six apartments named after the various families that have owned it over the centuries. In fact, the ground floor is dedicated to Don Batolomeo Bell’homo, founder of Sant’Andrea Apostolo church. The first floor, instead, is dedicated to the Ruggieri family, while the second floor is dedicated to Misses Di Maio, the last owners of the bulding during the first part of 20th century.
Finally, at the top floor there is a marvellous and suggestive panoramic terrace, particularly enjoyable during the sunset, available for all the guests of the facility and already furnished with chairs and tables as to make your breakfasts and your aperitifs magic.

The luxury Apartment Don Pietro will satisfy not only your taste, but also your needs since it consists of two elegant and decored double rooms, a modern bathroom and a shared kitchen. Refined, wide and clean, the rooms are fully decorated both on the walls and on the roofs by frescoes and stucco work by Giacinto Zito, architect from Gratteri who planned the Matrice Nuova Church.
Both are equipped with heating and air-conditioning, as well as a lovely balcony overlooking the quiet streets of Gratteri, to make your sunset even more romantic. Spacious and bright, the kitchen is equipped with any tool in order to make your stay unique without giving the genuine home-made dishes up. Lastly,he bathroom, broad and supplied with wide shower tray, is provided with everything yu need such as towels and a hairdryer.

On the whole, the apartment is supplied with all the necessary to make you fully enjoy your stay in Gratteri and surroundings, and for that reason, it is perfect for everyone such as families, friends or couples, who wants to immerse within the tranquillity and the beauty that the streets of Gratteri offer, without renouncing style and elegance.