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Excursion to the Aeolian Islands



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The seven wonders of the Mediterranean Sea

Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi and Panarea, these are the names of the seven wonders that emerge from the Mediterranean Sea: the Aeolian Islands. This one-day excursion to the Aeolian Islands will lead you to discover a marvellous example of natural beauty where the unstoppable force of water, fire and air has shaped not only the coastline and slopes, but also the character of its inhabitants.

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The archipelago is the result of the extraordinary volcanic action of the territory, thanks to the surfacing of submarine volcanoes some 700,000 years ago that gave life and caused the islands to evolve; the presence of Stromboli is fundamental, whose continuous eruptions offer a suggestive show that illuminates the surrounding landscape. The archipelago also possesses a vibrant social life, where fun is always guaranteed. Beaches, coves, caves, stacks and a great variety of seabeds are just some of the common traits typical of the Aeolian Islands, because no less fascinating are its picturesque villages and hamlets, jewels worth visiting. There are also interesting legends branching around the area. In fact, it is believed that the name of the islands is linked to Aeolus, a Greek prince who ruled a colony on the archipelago and had the power to foretell the weather by observing the shapes of the clouds of steam above one of the volcanoes. During the early Middle Ages, Lipari became a pilgrimage destination and miraculous traditions and events developed around the Aeolian Islands. The creation of dioceses and monasteries was also a strategy to repopulate uninhabited areas and revive agriculture. The seven volcanic islands of the Aeolian Islands became part of the UNESCO World Heritage List in December 2000 due to their specific nature: the volcanic archipelago represents an important model for the study of volcanology worldwide. If just one excursion will not satisfy you and you still want to stay and enjoy the beauty of the island, don’t despair, you will also be offered the possibility to stay overnight at the Punta Sallustro B&B on Lipari! The B&B is located in one of the most historic and cultural areas of Lipari on Via Sant’Anna, 150 metres from Corso Vittorio Emanuele and 300 metres from the picturesque square of Marina Corta, from where excursion activities to discover the other islands depart. There are shops, food markets, restaurants and wellness centres nearby.