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The Astronomical Planetarium GAL Hassin: the universe at your hand

After surprising you with cultural and natural breath-taking experiences, Sicily will also take you to the moon! Do you not believe it? Then try it with your own eyes and have a look at the wonders the universe has to offer to you, thanks to the Astronomical Planetarium GAL Hassin, at Isnello.

GAL Hassin is a wordplay clearly recalling the term “galassia” (galaxy), but also hides an historical precise meaning that is very important for the territory, indeed it is inspired to the name Arabs gave to Isnello when they arrived in Sicily, that is “Hassin” (cold stream). Isnello is set on a lucky position, from where most of the galaxy is well visible, thanks to the clarity of the sky thanks to the distance from extraneous and polluting sources, that’s why it is the chosen town for the building of this planetarium. The planetarium GAL Hassin is a worldwide importance astronomical park, because is the first in southern Italy, embracing all the Mediterranean Sea and is the highest located Astronomical research station in Italy. It is also a public entertainment place right for adults and children, the main attraction obviously is the Planetarium but there are numerous laboratories destined to didactics, such as the Solar laboratory, where you can observe the sun and do practical experiments; or you can immerse yourself in the history of astronomy, visiting the GAL Hassin Museum. Also, inside the Planetarium there is an observatory terrace with 12 observing instruments available, a radio telescope, an astronomical outdoor laboratory and a monumental globe.

In 2009 the GAL Hassin ensured that asteroid 6168 was given the name ‘Isnello’, this has only broadened the popularity not only of the planetarium, but especially of the Madonite town. Expert, passionate, students and children all are welcomed inside the Planetarium, which cannot help but leave you speechless and with your nose turned up in wonder!

If you are interested to visit GAL Hassin or would like to receive more informations, please feel free to contact our staff who will put you in touch with the facility