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Sicily from above: Sicily Paragliding

Are you an adventurer by nature and adrenalin is your bread and butter? Then you must take advantage of your visit to Gratteri to go to the wonderful reality of sport and sharing created by Giuliano and Agata: Sicily Paragliding, where you can admire the wonder of Sicily from above thanks to your two-seater paraglider!

The main flying locations include Cefalù, a seaside town just a few kilometres from Cefalù, but you could also start your experience from two other equally marvellous towns: Patti and Taormina.

The take-off is chosen according to wind direction and passenger preference, so you are free, weather permitting, to choose the route you prefer. Weather is crucial in this sport, as although there is availability to fly every day, unfortunately this can only really happen if the weather conditions are ideal.

Everyone can fly, Tandem Paragliding is suitable for everyone and requires no preparation or expertise, you only need to weigh between 20-120 kg and just by taking a few steps you can take off. Children can also take part, all they need is parental consent.


Standard Flight (Cefalù-Palermo-Taormina-Patti-Enna-Trapani): 100 euro

Flight to San Vito Lo Capo (Zingaro Nature Reserve and landing at one of Sicily’s most beautiful beaches): 150 euros

Hike&Fly experience (trekking to the take-off point): 250 euro

Extra packages are available, such as video and photo shoots for 30 euro and stunts for only 20 euro extra.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this crazy opportunity and book your flight now, contact our staff who will take care of organising your tailor-made experience!

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