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Nature walks and hikes in Gratteri

If you love to take long walks in the nature or if you are into hiking, you cannot miss the several opportunities that the town of Gratteri can offer to its visitors.

Gratteri is an enchanting village located on the hills and therefore there are numerous paths that invite the trekking lovers explore its wonders: amidst mountains, hills and hidden caves, there is no lack of fun for the more daring and sportier.

The itineraries vary in duration and difficulty, from the lowest difficulties to encourage and cuddling beginners, to the highest difficulties to test and amaze the more experienced.

The starting points are the natural wonders typical of Sicily for which the region is distinguished: the evocative forests, Valle del Berillo, Grotta Grattara and its park, and the Abbeys of San Giorgio and Santa Maria del Pedale and many other enchanting views typical of the Madonite landscape.

If you are curious to discover the possibility of excursions in the Gratteri area, visit the site: or contact our staff who will put you in touch with the organisers immediately!