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Tasting fine Sicilian wines in Gratteri

Your visit through the streets of the picturesque town of Gratteri cannot end without enjoying a delicious tasting of typical Sicilian wines, carefully selected by our experts from the wide range of wineries in the Sicilian territory. In fact, wine is a distinctive product of the Sicilian lands, lands that provide fine wines representing the quality and richness of Italian wine in the world. Sicily owes its oenological success to its typically Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters that allow wine-growing to thrive; indeed, Sicily seems to have an intrinsic oenological vocation. Sicilian wines are born on purely heterogeneous soils but can be distinguished into four different macro areas: the north-eastern area, the south-eastern area, the central-southern area and the western area, and each of these areas boasts its own characteristic types of wine. During your tastings, you will be guided by experts who will know how to advise you and tempt your taste senses, but in order not to arrive unprepared, we will briefly tell you about the most famous Sicilian grape varieties:
  • Inzolia: one of the most prized white wines in Sicily, this grape variety produces a fruity, greenish-yellow wine with slight herbaceous hints balanced by enveloping aromas.
  • Catarratto: a white grape variety with great personality, still and generally fresh with moderate acidity and alcohol content. Its aroma is associated with citrus and floral notes, with tropical hints of grapefruit and passion fruit, with a slightly bitter finish.
  • Nero d’Avola: a distinctly alcoholic, full-bodied red wine with good acidity, a ruby red colour and is considered a blending wine; in fact, it can be found either vinified on its own or blended with other indigenous Sicilian wines such as Frappato di Vittoria or Nerello Mascalese.
  • Syrah: a wine recognisable by its dark red, almost ink-coloured pigmentation, characterised by aromas of pepper and chocolate mixed with blueberries, currants, berries, spices, tobacco and finally liquorice, rhubarb and cocoa.
  • Marsala: a liqueur wine, an all-Sicilian pride, is a wine to which ethanol and/or wine spirits are poured to oxidise it and raise its alcohol content.
These are just a few of the fine wines that the area has to offer; don’t miss this delicious opportunity and contact our staff for more information!