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10 pictures for 10 evocative scenarios to be immortalized

We suggest you at least 10 strategic points where you can take your most beautiful photos and immortalize the most characteristic corners of Gratteri:


It is located at the gates of the country and it is called like this due to the presence of a carob tree that has been mentioned since 1500 in the Riveli (Sicilian archival documents). From there a real nativity scene will open up, a corner of the most authentic Sicily.


Continuing towards the Belvedere, stop at the Ponte dell’ Ecce Homo, where there is a votive shrine of Christ. A photo from that angle is a must to capture a pleasant bucolic landscape of yesteryear with lush pastures in front of the charming church of the Convent with its medieval bell tower. During the clearest days it will not be difficult for you to glimpse the entire valley up to the mount of San Calogero which dominates the Gulf of Termini Imerese.


Belvedere Ganci Battaglia is one of the strategic points to admire the Tyrrhenian coast from Cefalù to Palermo and, on clear days, even glimpse the Aeolian Islands on the horizon. A photo at sunset is a must from what was called the “terrace on the Tyrrhenian”.


From above that fortress, called by the inhabitants Santu Vitu, an equally fascinating scenario of the most “new” part of the town will appear you, the ideal pose of a characteristic Sicilian landscape.


A pastoral picture and an idyllic view of the San Giorgio valley will open in front of you where you can take your most beautiful photos from different angles: perhaps in front of the stone drinking trough or the church of the Crucifix overlooking the sea from above, like a glimpse of the picturesque landscape of the Greek islets.


The original area of the ancient castle, with its characteristic streets where you can get lost both day and night. You will find yourself the ideal perspective to take your picture; perhaps looking out onto the plateau of the church to immortalize an evocative scenery above the “Bocca dell’Inferno”, or under the Dammuso, an authentic medieval underpass from which you accessed the stronghold. A unicum in the Madonite panorama. Treat yourself to a postcard that comes straight from the Middle Ages.


When you arrive near the ancient clock tower, one of the symbols of Gratteri, we also recommend a shot from Via Belvedere to photograph from above a characteristic landscape overlooking the Piazzetta del Mulinello.


You will take with you a shot of a characteristic and well-kept corner of the ancient Saracen district near what was mentioned in the 1500s as the Vucciria Vecchia.


You have arrived at the Porta Grandi district which was accessed from Vicolo Albanese on the edge of the Crati stream, now covered. Then continue towards the Piazzetta Mulinello, then raise your eyes towards the ancient clock tower, you will find yourself in front of one of the most evocative places in the Madonie.


After a proper visit to the museum, we advise you to take a photo from that perspective, from which you can see what remains of the district of “di la Terra Vecchia” in the area called Conigliera with its precipitous walls above the “Bocca Inferno”.