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Cefalù from above: the ferris wheel

The Cefalù summer is every year a certainty for both tourists and Sicilians from the district of Palermo: a place of relax and nightlife, it never fails in providing emotions and diversion suitable for those who visit the town.

This year a great change in Cefalù landscape joins the hot beaches, blue skies and beautiful sunsets: a huge Ferris wheel right on the seafront!

You will be able to observe Cefalù from above and discover the most hidden details, surrounding yourself with the beauty of the natural landscape around you and enjoying the original opportunity that will be offered on Cefalù soil.

It is in fact the first time that Cefalù hosts an installation of this magnitude, as the wheel is 26 metres high and consists of 24 cabins for a total of 144 seats. All this literally few steps from the sea!

This is an opportunity you cannot miss, come to Cefalù’s seafront and share this exciting moment of relax!

It will be possible to take a ride on the wheel every day, for just the ticket price of €10:

from 11:00-13:00

from 18:00-01:00

For more information go to: