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The enchanting Gole di Tiberio

Located just 35 km from Cefalù are the Gole di Tiberio , a geo-site on the Pollina River, elevated 100 meters above sea level and they are a UNESCO-recognized site thanks to their geomorphological and landscape relevance.

The gorges are about 450 meters long and their name originates from the village of Tiberio, in the municipality of San Mauro, which today is almost uninhabited. Along the walls of the gorges, signs from river action and karstification are visible.
The route with the raft excursion inside the Gorges can be divided into three parts: the first is about 100 meters, the second is 250 meters, the most fascinating and suggestive traversable only by raft, while the third and last part is a kind of enchanted lake that stretches for 100 meters. Within the Gorge it is possible to observe: fossils, birds’ nests, the brigands’ boulder, plays of light and unspoiled and wild vegetation surrounded by silence. For river sports enthusiasts, it is also possible to swim in the river during the spring-summer period.