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One day tour: the Zingaro Nature Reserve



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A long walk through unspoilt nature

This tour is one of the jewels in the crown of our offerings. We will offer you an unforgettable experience surrounded by the beauty of an unspoilt landscape that can only be explored on foot: the Zingaro Nature Reserve, with a first stop in Scopello.

Details of the program:

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The tour includes:

Scopello, Sicily’s most beautiful seaside village and its Faraglioni rocks
An essential stop before entering the marvellous Zingaro Nature Reserve is, of course, the splendid Faraglioni Beach in Scopello, stacks that rise towards the sky covered in lush vegetation, making the landscape unique. The seabed is visible even to the naked eye thanks to the crystal-clear water that characterises the area, but it is underwater where the real magic happens: dense marine flora surrounded by numerous fish of all kinds, a scene worthy of the best films that you can only experience in Sicily! The bay can be accessed through an entrance ticket, at the modest price of only 4 euro, a derisory price considering the priceless beauty of the area, an opportunity therefore that you cannot miss!

The Zingaro Nature Reserve, a kingdom of Mediterranean flora and fauna
The Reserve stretches no less than 7 km along the entire stretch of coastline from San Vito Lo Capo to Castellammare del Golfo, and within it, typically Mediterranean flora and fauna coexist with the crystal-clear and brilliant water of the sea. The Reserve alternates between white pebble bays and sharp rocks separating the small beaches from each other, where ancient farmhouses are built on the rocks jutting out into the sea, which is tinged with shades of green and blue.
The bays follow one another, displaying an incomparable charm that fills the air with unique natural scents. The vegetation is lush, especially in spring and summer when olive, almond and carob trees blossom in addition to the numerous orchids and cork trees. The reserve can only be visited on foot because nothing should disturb the quiet of the fauna within it, especially the birds that nest here, such as the Bonelli’s Eagle or the buzzard. For this reasono, it will take a lot of patience and dedication to enjoy this unforgettable experience in communion with nature.