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Why do foreigners choose Gratteri?

Why do foreigners choose Gratteri?

More and more tourists are choosing to carefully evaluate every aspect of their holiday before booking. Rather than select a destination on the basis of its popularity, they prefer to first find out about the opportunities the area has to offer, from activities to do to the particularities of local culture and gastronomy.

Avoiding the most popular destinations in favour of lesser-known ones is becoming an increasingly common practice, as the latter often offer many more opportunities and more balanced value for money than the former. This is why the streets of Gratteri, a small town in the province of Palermo, Sicily, are travelled every year by an increasing number of foreign tourists.

The first reason undoubtedly lies in its proximity to the seaside town of Cefalù, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sicily. While staying in Gratteri, it is easy to reach the Norman village and fully enjoy all the most beautiful experiences it offers, from a historical, artistic, gastronomic and scenic point of view. But, unlike those who choose a hotel in Cefalù, tourists who choose Gratteri will be able to return to immerse themselves in the tranquillity of the village whenever they wish, without risking their holiday becoming a nightmare full of crowds of tourists.

Even experiencing the delights of Sicilian cuisine will be easier! In Gratteri you will find the most authentic examples of the island’s gastronomy, handcrafted using simple and genuine ingredients, such as the meat and agricultural products that the surrounding land offers. In Gratteri it will be easier to find dishes such as caponata, pasta with sardines, arancine and cannolo made as tradition commands!

The second reason, on the other hand, could be particularly interesting for those who have not yet chosen between a seaside or mountain holiday: situated on the slopes of Mount San Calogero, 300 metres above sea level, Gratteri offers its visitors a great diversity of landscapes, ranging from the sea to the woods, due to its position within the Madonie Park, one of the largest natural parks in Italy. As a result, the activities and experiences will be very varied! From paragliding to mountain trekking, anyone can find around Gratteri perfect activities to do alone or with the family.