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Inauguration of “Gratteri Holiday”

The Gratteri Holiday adventure has officially begun! 

The inauguration of the ambitious project was held on Friday 23 June 2023, at the new premises in Gratteri in Piazza Umberto I and it was a great success.

A real celebration for all the numerous fellow citizens present, who welcomed with joy and hope the new project aimed at revaluing the territory of Gratteri, which will allow numerous tourists, students and professionals to immerse themselves into the wonders of the picturesque village. Gratteri Holiday will also offer customised and ideal accommodation solutions for every type of need, whether travelling alone or with family. 

Thanks to Daniele Fragale, who has believed in our community and its young people, investing ideas and capital“, said Mayor Giuseppe Muffoletto fondly, who did not fail to support Gratteri Holiday’s mission.