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The fastest way to reach Cefalù from Gratteri

From Gratteri to Cefalù in 25 minutes

If you are in Gratteri, do not let you slip away the opportunity to visit the wonderful town of Cefalù which rises a few kilometres away. All it takes is a short drive through the beautiful countryside of the Sicilian hills, a journey also characterised by the incredible views of the sea that open up before you, to reach your destination. There are three routes to reach the picturesque village:

  1. Through Campanella

This is the quickest and most pleasant one – the one that in about 20-25 minutes crosses the SP28 and then the SS113, leading you to Cefalù. Starting from the historic centre of Gratteri, you will have to head towards the town’s exit and take the SP28 provincial road, along which you can enjoy the most characteristic scenery in Sicily – that of its countryside, dotted with olive and lemon trees. After about 5 kilometres, you will come to the junction with the SS113, which leads directly to Cefalù: the journey will take about twenty minutes, during which you will be able to admire the marvellous panorama of the coast and the sea opening up before you. At this point all you have to do is take the exit for Cefalù and follow the signs to reach the centre or seafront in a few minutes.

  1. Through Lascari

This path, too, guarantees a rather smooth and scenic journey, although a little longer, as it allows you to admire the island’s beautiful landscapes. Starting from the central square of Gratteri, you will have to take the SP28 and continue until Via Landro and in the direction of Lascari. After about 7.5 kilometres you will come to the exit for Lascari. From here, you can continue on the SS113, following the signs for Cefalù, until you reach your destination.

  1. Through Gibilmanna

If you have some time to spare, our advice is to take advantage of this and choose the longer option. It will be an excellent opportunity to discover a jewel set in the natural area of the Madonie Park, from which you can admire an incredible panoramic view of the coast – the sanctuary of Gibilmanna. Your journey will take a little longer, about 35 minutes not including the stop at the sanctuary, but it will be absolutely worth it!

To reach it from the square in Gratteri, take Provincial Road 28 in the direction of Cefalù and continue for about 4 km; at this point, turn right onto Provincial Road SP54 in the direction of Palermo/Cefalù and continue for about 5 km until you reach the junction for the sanctuary. Turn left following the signs for the sanctuary and drive along the dirt road for about 3 km until you reach your destination. Once you arrive, you can choose how long you want to stay to discover this sacred place for the faithful from all over Sicily and enjoy the feeling of peace and wonder it offers. When it is time to leave, all you have to do is take the dirt road again until you meet the SP54, then turn left towards Cefalù.